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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tablets Google will completely change the market?

Google reportedly prepares inexpensive hardware and advanced tablets that could completely change the market for tablets.
Just days before the release of a new model of iPad, the network reappeared tablet rumors that Google is preparing and which could change the entire market.

In this company sfatile that Apple and its tablet can not compete with 10-inch tablet whose price is 500 dollars or more.

The recently completed Mobile World Congress, Andy Rubin of Google announced that his company wants to win the race for the tablets and this year they intend to take serious measures to meet it.

If you believe the rumors that circulate on the Internet, Google thinks it can make a tablet that will have a diagonal screen of seven inches, and its price will be 199 dollars.

As far as cost and the Amazon Kindle Fire, but unlike him pills Google should work on advanced hardware. There will be a seven inch screen with resolution of 1200h800 pixels and operating system will be the last version of Android.

Hardware partner Google during the preparation of this tablet will supposedly be Asus - the company at the fair this year SEDZ showed 7 inch tablet, so I believe that Google tablet will be similar to that device.

Also, except for seven-inch model, Google and Asus his cooperation could continue so in the future to the present 10-inch model would also work on advanced hardware and which could cost 299 dollars.

Although Google and its Android dominates the market for smart phones, the company still lags behind when Aplle tablets in question.


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