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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Google and Asus with own tablet in May.

Google and Asus run on 7-inch tablet PC, which should hit the market in early May.
It is a cheap model, the price will range between 199 and $ 249, and should be direct competition to the Kindle Fire on the Amazon.

In the game, as partners for development of tablets on Google, and HTC were Acer, but Internet giant ultimately decided Asus. According to information, the new tablet will be the first device to be supplied by Google Play Store.

So far, the two companies avoided to communicate details about Tablet PC.


  1. HUH.

    Y'know, once I actually get the cash for it (AND CAN FINALLY REJOIN CIVILIZATION!) I've been thinking about what I should get.

    I need SOMETHING that can replace my current desktop, but I've heard laptops are the way to go...but netbooks and tablets could also fulfill what I need, y'know?

    Huh. Something to think over...but this looks interesting~!

  2. This may be a good alternative to the ipad